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“The field of higher education marketing is very competitive,” says Elizabeth Dye, Director of Marketing Analytics at Sparkroom. “Everyone expects you to provide services like lead qualification and data-driven insights.” So, how do you impress clients by going above and beyond?

“In partnering with Neustar over the past few years,” Elizabeth adds, “we’ve been able to nail the basics, plus add extra value. By integrating Neustar’s solutions and overall expertise, we shorten our partner schools’ learning curve to save them time and money.”

Sparkroom uses Neustar Customer Intelligence to deliver highly effective marketing services for traditional and online colleges, and third parties in the higher education space. Three examples show the results they generate.

Geo-targeting: “We kept enrollment volumes high and eliminated wasted marketing dollars.”

“We used Neustar to help one school adjust their geo-targeted marketing,” says Elizabeth. “By making changes at a number of their locations, they saw improvement in the key metrics of enrollment rates and cost per enrollment.”

March-Dec. Data 2012 2013 Variance
Enrollment rate 1.9% 2.7% 38.5%
Cost per enrollment $2,215 $1,580 -28.7%
geo-targeted marketing map to students

This map shows the geographic area shrinking as the ROI shot up. The red border defines the original area, while the green borders illustrate the new, more targeted ones.

Real-time Lead Scoring: “Prioritizes admissions based on propensity to enroll.”

In serving third-party providers who generate leads for colleges and universities, Sparkroom uses Neustar real-time lead scoring. “With tiered pricing, depending on the score and value of the lead to the school, we help prioritize admissions based on propensity to enroll,” says Elizabeth. “Schools are willing to pay more for highly qualified leads, which are important to being able to optimize media buys.”

Here’s how it worked for one third-party provider:

Pre-Scoring Program

Average Cost Per Lead Enrollment Rate Cost Per Enrollment
$35.39 0.74% $4,807.91

During Scoring Program

Average Cost Per Lead Enrollment Rate Cost Per Enrollment
$35.81 1.30% $2,753.95

“We met our goal of increasing enrollment rates without seeing an increase in costs by providing financial incentives to seek out the best sources,” says Elizabeth. This provider’s enrollment rate skyrocketed by 76%.

Ease of Implementation: “Schools immediately benefit from our lead verification.”

When Sparkroom signs a new client for On-Demand Lead Verification, the implementation is quick and painless. “Because we’ve worked with Neustar so closely for so long, our knowledge of best practices and pre-integrated technology allows colleges to benefit immediately.”

The proof: customers are saving on average $3,000 per month, with a 56% increase in ROI. Says Elizabeth, “Those numbers show the value of a truly turnkey service.”

And the value of a partnership that keeps them ahead of the pack.