The Challenge

A major telecom retailer operates in the pay-as-you-go mobile phone industry, a segment with traditionally lower quality, more limited brand loyalty, higher sensitivity to price, and much lower quality customer understanding. The retailer wanted to increase in-store conversion rates from competitive wireless providers, as well as differentiate itself by providing a more unified customer experience across all touchpoints. The major problem it faced, however, was not being able to differentiate an existing customer from a new prospect in order to deliver a relevant consumer experience either in-store, online, or over the phone.

The Neustar Solution

The client partnered with Neustar to power its internal customer experience application, which integrates across all parts of its business, including in-store point-of-sale systems, traditional call center applications, and its online helpdesk. Neustar provides the client with real-time customer identification, including custom phone attributes and demo appends, as well as a highly configurable decision engine. The retailer was then able to effectively identify existing customers from new shoppers. The retailer can now utilize this real-time identity lookup API at the enterprise level to optimize promotional offers based on an established workflow that’s powered by customer intelligence. With an understanding of who its customers are, what they have already purchased, and what needs they may have based on their omnichannel engagements with the retailer, it can deliver a frictionless experience across all touchpoints.

The Outcome

The retailer saw in-store conversion rates jump upward of 82 percent from competing wireless providers. By combining detailed customer intelligence, including demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral attributes with complex promotional eligibility rules, the retailer was able to provide real-time offer personalization within 300 milliseconds at point of sale. The retailer saw live conversion rate updates, allowing the organization to refine and optimize promotional rules with real-time intelligence—providing a consistent customer experience online, at point of sale, and within the call center.

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