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Business Objective

Through a simple application, PrivacyStar provides reverse-phone number lookup, or caller ID services. Consumers can see who’s calling, plus if the number has a history of scams, harassment, or other abuses.

“One of our challenges is around data, the ability to assign an owner and other information to a phone number,” said Jeff Stalnaker, Co-Founder of PrivacyStar. “In the past, we were seeing a relatively low match rate between phone numbers and owners’ names.”


PrivacyStar turned to Neustar for the data it needed. As the largest independent provider of caller ID services, Neustar delivers the most accurate and comprehensive caller ID database available. In fact, Neustar answers over 10 billion queries per month.

“We have hundreds of thousands of people visiting our sites,” Stalnaker said. “We want to drive them to download our application.” Besides identifying callers, the app allows consumers to block numbers and file complaints with the FTC. Typically, people trial the service and, if satisfied, purchase the service.


Said Stalnaker, “Through Neustar, we’ve increased our names-to-numbers match rate by 50%. Here’s why it’s important. If you look up a number and we don’t get it right, you always give me a second chance. If I get it wrong the second time, you are done with Privacy Star. But if I get both of them right, you’re 95% likely to download our application. The quality of that data is absolutely imperative for the success of our business.

“It’s critical that we have the best and most accurate data, in real time, all the time. And Neustar provides that.”