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Case Studies

The Challenge

Plymouth Rock Assurance is a member of the Plymouth Rock Group of Companies, which together write and manage over $1 billion in annual auto and homeowners’ insurance premiums throughout the Northeast. In an industry where speed and accuracy are critical in not only retaining, but also acquiring new customers, Plymouth Rock was focused on creating relevancy and urgency when engaging with prospects. With acquisition costs higher than desired, Plymouth Rock needed a new solution that would allow them to increase their reach without increasing marketing costs.

The Solution

Neustar Decision Navigator helps B2C clients reduce their acquisition costs while increasing profitability using real-time - predictive decisioning combined with enriched consumer intelligence. It enables organizations to implement operational intelligence to automate and improve customer acquisition strategies across an entire organization. Plymouth Rock saw a solution that provided speed to market at a low cost that would be easy to implement and activate.

The Results

Plymouth Rock was able to spend less while simultaneously acquiring more profitable customers. George Hurley, Director, Marketing Analytics is responsible for acquiring long retaining, profitable customers at the lowest acquisition cost. “Decision Navigator enabled us to quickly get off the ground with sophisticated ping/post bidding that has led to profitability and cost savings.” They saw a 70% reduction in marketing costs including a 30% decrease in total cost per sale.

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