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The Challenge

One of the largest media agencies in the world, Universal McCann (UM) has helped global brands such as Coca-Cola, Chrysler, H&M and L’Oreal Paris gain a competitive advantage by developing creative, strategic and customized media campaigns.

To sharpen its own competitive edge, UM sought to address gaps in its offering. The company’s in-house analytics solution was limited to providing recommendations on frequency, reach and target demographics. UM wanted to move from a focus on metrics to a more advanced analytics solution for understanding the true business impact of its client campaigns.

UM wanted to take a more strategic approach to developing media plans for clients and move beyond merely providing recommendations on frequency, reach and target demographics.

The Neustar Solution

With the Neustar MarketShare Benchmark Agency application, Universal McCann runs scenarios rapidly and creates optimized media plans to meet clients’ objectives.

Our analytics app for agencies allowed UM to connect client investments to revenue and profit with hard data and marketing science – not soft metrics such as rating points and site visits. UM can simulate different plans and branding strategies to maximize results for their clients, while optimizing or altering the budget to improve results.

Because Neustar MarketShare is an independent, objective analytics solution, it adds value and legitimacy to UM’s offering and recommendations since there is no conflict of interest in where those investments should be made.

The Outcome

  • Over the course of one year, UM was able to create thousands of media plans using Neustar MarketShare Benchmark Agency.
  • The agency can deliver marketing mix modeling recommendations in markets or industries where it has little to no background information.
  • UM can rapidly compare multiple plans against a client’s business objectives to arrive at an optimal plan.
  • UM has gained greater confidence that their media plans will drive and meet their clients’ goals.