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Nexica is a Spain-based company that provides cloud-hosting, storage, security and managed services for infrastructure and business-critical applications.

“Our customers are getting more aware of DDoS attacks, but still don’t define it as their main issue in security,” said David Suarez, CTO, Nexica. “We’ve had 12 DDoS attacks this year, compared to zero last year. Customers assume that we, as a provider, will solve DDoS for them.”

In fact, Nexica previously only had on-premises DDoS protection — hardware installed to protect itself, not customers.

“The tide is turning and we need to prepare our customers,” Suarez said. “We are educating them, because they don’t want to pay for something that they are not worried about yet. And we’ve invested in a more powerful DDoS protection solution, one that can cover our customer base too.

Tailoring the right security fit

Nexica chose Neustar’s on-demand, cloud-based DDoS protection, also adding always-on threat monitoring and detection. It adds up to comprehensive protection against evolving attacks.

Now Nexica can extend DDoS protection to its customers, enabling them to focus on core business. It also provides peace of mind so they can sleep better at night.

Nexica chose to implement its DDoS protection via Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), popular with organizations that have sophisticated infrastructures. BGP is one of Neustar’s flexible options for guarding against DDoS attacks.

“The offering with BGP protection varies from one provider to the next and can be quite fixed,” Suarez said. “Neustar tailored the best solution for us. Neustar showed this ‘will to fit’ from the beginning – fitting our specific needs.”

More than just DDoS protection

Besides being able to scale services up or down quickly, Neustar complements its DDoS protection with other managed services, which Nexica can now offer to their clients.

“I can see options for new collaborations in the future,” Suarez said. “They were more like us, and the way we work with our customers. They talk our language.”