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Case Studies

The Challenge

This wireless operator was upgrading its network to offer new revenue generating, value added services to customers. Numbering resources were distributed across a number of disparate billing systems, requiring a large administration team to manage the assignment, tracking, recycling and forecasting of the company’s number inventory. These planned network changes and overall growth in demand for new numbers made it the ideal time to review number management processes and systems.

Provisioning: Numbering data stored in separate systems; customer upgrades would require manually moving numbers between systems.

Utilization Reporting: Twice-yearly utilization reporting, required by regulators, took thousands of hours to prepare; data was pulled from multiple systems, manually consolidated and rechecked for accuracy.

Number Portability: They needed to ensure upgrading customers could retain their telephone numbers. For a full view of inventory, they needed to track port-ins and port-outs.

The Solution

The carrier evaluated multiple solutions and selected Neustar NumeriTrack® to provide a single data repository for its number resources inventory. NumeriTrack automates key processes and integrates with the carrier’s existing billing, provisioning and ordering, and number portability systems.


The operator upgraded its network technology, and with Neustar NumeriTrack, avoided reentering data. Customers were able to retain their telephone numbers when upgrading their service to take advantage of the new technology.

Operationally, NumeriTrack improves the accuracy of managing and reporting on numbering inventory, increases staff efficiency by automating number management processes and reduces the provider’s operational costs.

About the Customer

This large wireless operator manages more than 85 million numbers across different services, technologies and regions and has over 50 million subscribers. With high levels of competition, the company differentiates itself on the high levels of ser vice it provides its customers.


  • Number resources distributed in disparate billing systems
  • Facing manual provisioning processes
  • Time consuming regulatory reporting
  • Ensure number portability Neustar Solution
  • Neustar NumeriTrack

The Results

  • Single point of management for over 85 million numbers
  • Integrated multiple billing, provisioning and ordering systems
  • Eliminated duplicate number assignments
  • Reduced data fallout to near zero
  • Reduced semi-annual number utilization reporting to 40 hours
  • Fully automated regulatory reporting ensures compliance

About Neustar NumeriTrack

Reduce the complexity of number inventory management

Single Repository for all Subscriber data

Neustar NumeriTrack provides a single, authoritative data repository for number resource inventory, eliminating the need, cost and complexity of accessing and managing multiple databases for customer data.

Manage Complexity

NumeriTrack integrates multiple and diverse billing systems and fully automates integration with local number portability systems. This solution yields high data integrity, improves staff efficiency, and simplifies inventory management throughout the number lifecycle.

Automate Forecasting and Reporting

NumeriTrack uses real-time data for forecasting and utilization reporting to ensure there are always numbers to sell and that regulatory reporting is accurate and timely.

Improve Efficiency

NumeriTrack features, including customizable dashboards, business rules and notifications improve number management efficiency, increase visibility into inventory and prevent number shortages.

Easily Integrated and Deployed

  • Sophisticated connectivity logic for multiple and diverse billing and ordering systems
  • Asynchronous SoA based API with guaranteed delivery
  • Superb user training, product documentation and support
  • Provides interoperability with multiple OSS/BSS systems

Neustar Expertise

Neustar leads the industry in efficient number management. Our NumeriTrack solution is used by leading carriers to effectively manage millions of numbers. Our flexible and proactive approach to our customers allows us to deliver a best in class solution that will help you meet your needs today and easily adapt to business and technology changes in the future.