The Challenge

One of the largest US Cable MSOs wanted to expand its footprint to better support enterprise customers outside of its service area – driving the need to order network access from other vendors. The company was experiencing long installation intervals as a result of ineffective systems and processes. At the center of the problem was the lack of an integrated system, forcing operations employees to enter the same order in into multiple systems (aka a ‘Swivel-chair environment’). These operational inefficiencies led to higher costs, slower revenue recognition and a poor customer experience.

The cable provider’s IT organization had tried to outsource the development of an integrated platform to a third party to simplify and streamline their provisioning processes, but the effort had failed. The complexity of the environment and lack of relevant domain expertise proved to be too much for the vendor. With an unsuccessful first attempt and strategic corporate initiatives around operational efficiency and revenue growth – the IT organization was under pressure to deliver

The Neustar Solution

The Neustar Universal Order Connect (UOC) platform provides a single interface that enables a carrier to seamlessly send orders to hundreds of vendors and comply with emerging technologies and standards.

This solution empowered the leading cable network provider to collapse its multiple provisioning systems into a single platform. Neustar replaced their ‘swivel-chair environment’ with a simplified ordering solution that features seamless network provisioning interconnections to all the cable provider’s partners.

The Outcome

The cable provider achieved an overall 30% improvement in operating efficiency by adopting the Neustar UOC solution’s clearinghouse approach. This had a significant and positive impact on their ‘Quote to Cash’ key performance metrics. In addition, the Neustar UOC solution expanded the cable provider’s sellable network footprint by readily ordering from additional third-party providers.

The cable provider’s IT group had a reliable development partner and was able to break the reactive cycle of responding to changes made by their network partners. Neustar’s understanding of the industry and development expertise were key success factors for implementing this new system, enabling the team to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and industry standards that had created interoperability issues in the past. Given the successful ethernet implementation, the cable provider is expanding its use of Neustar’s solution to tackle additional ordering challenges, like quote to order automation (click to order functionality) and broadband ordering automation.

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