Business Objective

Use device-location data to make logins more secure and include this capability in Duo’s newest release.

Duo Security’s mission is to provide secure access to any application, on any device, over any network. Thousands of organizations, including Facebook, Toyota, and NASA, rely on Duo’s two-factor authentication solutions. The goal: protect businesses and employees, without inconveniencing them or disrupting workflow.

With that goal in mind, Duo launched a new edition, Duo Platform, which goes beyond traditional two-factor user authentication. It adds analysis of user behavior, location, and device insight to let customers set custom authentication policies. Accomplishing this required accurate data on IP addresses, showing where and how users connect to applications and VPNs.


Deploy Neustar IP GeoPoint to locate devices/users, learn the reputations of IP addresses, and spot anonymous proxy servers.

Jon Oberheide, Co-Founder & CTO of Duo Security said, “In particular, our customers wanted alerts about anonymous IP proxies — compromised or suspicious hosts our platform may have blacklisted.” In tests, Neustar reliably identified anonymous IPs associated with proxies and other red flags.

Duo also chose Neustar because:

  • More detailed IP data. Accuracy is the key to locating users, scoring IP addresses, and finding malicious servers.
  • Best fit for a long-term partnership. Explained Jon, “We felt we could grow with Neustar’s comprehensive approach to IP intelligence.” Neustar’s IP data includes over 40 attributes on location, networks, and devices.


With accurate IP intelligence powering Duo Platform, customers have given two thumbs-up.

“The feedback on Duo Platform has been extremely positive,” said Jon. “Our beta customers love the new set of advanced security features, including everything that IP intelligence brings. They know where the user is coming from and if that location is risky or suspicious in nature.”

While Duo Platform is still new, the foundation is set for adding customers who are looking for easy, air-tight logins — and fortified, trusted protection against costly breaches.