The Challenge

A direct to consumer healthcare brand was using different customer definitions and profiles across the organization resulting in inconsistency when targeting prospects and engaging customers along their purchase journey. This problem was compounded when transferring customer and audience data across their technology stack resulted in data leakage from one platform to the next. The D2C brand needed a better way to centralize and activate their customer intelligence to effectively identify, target, connect, and measure the impact of their marketing consistently across all touchpoints on the customer journey

The Neustar Solution

With a single foundation of Identity, Neustar was able to provide a range of interconnected solutions to help the brand build, maintain, and activate a single source of customer truth across the enterprise. Neustar helped the brand identify and analyze their best customers who had the highest propensity to buy their products. This intelligence was used to build actionable consumer personas that were proven to be highly effective in producing effective cross-channel acquisition campaigns. The brand was also able to utilize Neustar’s identity data to create targeted direct mail campaigns at a hyper local level around specific retail locations. With a single platform to identify, verify, engage, as well as measure marketing tactics, the brand now had an enterprise solution grounded in accurate identity that would continually improve after every campaign. By combining MTA and MMM for a unified analytical approach to measurement, the brand was able to identify what marketing channels are working and with a holistic view of the funnel while creating a pathway for predictive audience planning and activation using the same measurement intelligence.

The Outcome

With a single source of truth and a deep understanding of who their top customers are, why they buy and what impacts their purchase journey, the brand has a successful strategy in place to measurably and predictably grow their business. By adopting the actionable audiences based on existing customers, the brand now has a strategic engagement plan for both the digital and real-world to target prospects with the highest propensity to purchase their product that is proven to drive significant in-store appointments with consistency across all marketing channels.

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