The Challenge

Aetna, like every health insurer entering the ACA exchanges, was unable to measure how their digital marketing activities impacted the large number of enrollments taking place on Healthcare.gov. In addition, there were five siloed sales channels contributing to enrollments that could not be tied together to validate the existing marketing dollars being spent.

Aetna and their agency knew they couldn’t rely solely on digital proxy metrics to accurately measure marketing effectiveness. They needed an identity solution, meaning one that could connect the online and offline worlds to build a comprehensive and complete picture of both their customers and their cross-channel marketing performance.

The Neustar Solution

Prior to campaign launch, Neustar worked with Aetna’s agency, Neo@Ogilvy to understand how and where Neo was targeting Aetna ads. Neustar leveraged its Identity Data Management Platform (IDMP) to track hundreds of millions of Aetna’s digital media impressions. The Neustar IDMP then tied enrollments in specific geographic locations to households from both the test and control groups to determine the lift in enrollments driven by digital media.

The Neustar IDMP was able to provide the connection between fractional digital identifiers from third parties like Healthcare.gov and connect them to digital signals across marketing activities. With a single view of the customer across all touchpoints created by the IDMP, Aetna was able to obtain a clear path to attribution and measurement of marketing effectiveness validating their ROI.

The Outcome

Neustar found that households exposed to Aetna’s digital media were 76% more likely to enroll than unexposed, demographically-similar households in those same geographies. Neustar also found that digital media increased the likelihood of consumers enrolling across all of Aetna’s sales channels. In fact, the government exchange saw an 88% increase in consumers’ likelihood to enroll as a result of exposure to Aetna’s digital media. This was great news to Aetna, which saw over 60% of those exposed converters come through the government exchange.

Aetna was able to validate their digital media strategy and use insights to plan even more effective campaigns for future Open Enrollment Periods (OEPs). They aligned their organization around a single view of the customer across all channels and business units to help inform and maximize data driven marketing tactics across the health exchanges.

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