The Challenge

A leading home goods retailer and furniture manufacturer had no cross-channel view of its customers. Valuable data has remained siloed and unlinked across its organization, such as phone and email captured at the point of sale. This created a severe lack of transparency across its organization, limiting measurement and operational efficiency. The retail organization was unable to look across touchpoints to see how customers react and then adjust based on the signals they give off across all channels. Without that single view across both offline and online, it is difficult to effectively target and engage with the right consumer at the right time with the right experience. The retailer had huge databases of customer data, which looked great, but with each database having multiple versions of the same consumer, the value and accuracy of the data was greatly inflated with the same version of the same consumer. It had no way to measure online behavior and engagement outside of online purchases or if those consumers authenticated on site. The retailer was seeking a trusted customer identity foundation to increase marketing effectiveness, improve the customer experience, and centralize its corporate analytical processes around a single persistent identifier.

The Neustar Solution

The retailer looked to Neustar for a solution that would connect the offline and online worlds with a single ID, providing organizational transparency and unified measurement. The Neustar Customer Identity Management solution consolidated and normalized customer records for an enriched view, combining offline identity with digital behavioral attributes (demographic, psychographic, geographic, and firmographic). This real-time intelligence gave the retailer the ability to apply proprietary business rules to its audience segmentation for more precise and efficient omnichannel targeting.

Neustar gave the retailer the intelligence necessary to identify and engage with consumers with high propensity for buying furniture at the time it mattered most (i.e., new movers). Neustar identity gave the retailer the ability to commingle offline and online data for a single view of the customer in an anonymous, privacy-safe environment. By providing a single source of truth and transparency across internal organizational silos, the retailer was able maintain a single view across external platforms, systems, and vendors — including bid management platforms, DMP, CRM, dynamic creative vendor and agency accounts for media buying, creative, social, SEO, and experiential work.

The Outcome

Neustar gave the retailer an enterprise-level identity management solution that reduces data friction and operational costs while simplifying communication and complexity across the ecosystem. It provides superior measurement and real-time identity notifications that keeps both the marketer and the analyst informed and empowered, even when a consumer changes their address or phone number. Neustar enabled a 74-percent identification of customers with only an email or phone on record, along with a 50-percent identification of anonymous website visitors. Newly identified and verified audience segments with higher propensity scores converted 32 percent higher across channels, with higher basket size and lower cost of acquisition. Neustar also enabled the retailer to reduce its direct mail expenses with a 10%–15% reduction in catalog distribution costs (an estimated savings of >$1M).

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