The Challenge

A leading global CPG manufacturer faced competitive pressure by a rival severely undercutting its price, in hopes of winning a major American Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). Although pricing was important, the QSR was also looking for a CPG partner to assist in marketing and business strategy. The CPG client’s marketing team needed help showing its distributor that it was the right partner over its competition and why. The distributor was focused on acquiring more, younger, Hispanic demographic customers and actually getting in front of those customers with relevant compelling messaging. The rival CPG manufacturer touted superior knowledge of the millennial market. The CPG client not only had to disprove this, but it also had to develop its own granular understanding of this market as it related to both its goals and its distributor’s business goals.

The Neustar Solution

Neustar enabled the CPG client to use greater intelligence to fuel the distributor’s evaluation and provide a deeper understanding of its customers to build a holistic and neutral view across its audience. This holistic view of the intersection of its consumer markets would, in turn, help optimize future media and campaign performance. Using Neustar customer intelligence and identity resolution, the CPG client was able to better understand its customers at the demographic, geographic, and behavioral level. This greater understanding of consumer intent allowed the CPG client to effectively show the level of tactical support and strategy that it could bring to the table. By combining hyper-local discovery with Neustar’s proprietary soft drink consumption and preference data, the CPG client was able to paint a detailed picture that spoke directly to the distributor’s goal of targeting Hispanic millennial consumers

The Outcome

Neustar was able to determine the lifestyle/purchase behaviors, attitudes, and channel preferences associated to this specific target audience of Hispanic millennials, uncovering two unique consumer segments that were previously unknown to the distributor. With the right tools to identify, analyze, and then truly understand the distributor’s target market (which overlapped with the CPG client’s core customers) at such a granular level, the CPG client was able to win over the competition. In demonstrating the power of using identity to create smarter segmentation, Neustar became the necessary partner to uncover valuable consumer insights and allow the CPG client to find the intersection of its customers and the Quick Service Restaurant’s target demographic at the hyper-local level.

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