The Challenge

Allstate was struggling to understand who they were targeting and how their media was performing across their multiple media partners, 3+ DMPs, various data sources, as well as dozens of platforms that include mobile, desktop, social, email, direct mail, call center, and programmatic. With such a complex marketing ecosystem, Allstate was looking for a better way to control and manage campaign reporting, to bring transparency and visibility to their media planning and activation. Allstate needed a partner that could implement a new data management approach to link customer and media touchpoints across offline and online channels. And it had to resolve back to real people, not just profiles or disconnected files. Allstate wanted all of this to happen within a neutral and impartial environment to ensure complete autonomy in recommendations, optimization, and reporting.

The Neustar Solution

As a neutral identity partner, Neustar was able to consolidate and normalize audience, media, and performance data across Allstate’s ecosystem. By sitting atop the organization’s marketing stack and directly ingesting data from platforms, publishers, networks, DSPs, and DMPs, Neustar is able to connect the brand’s marketing directly to their 1st party data. Neustar provided the checks and balances needed for accurate reporting and a holistic view of performance across each channel, audience, campaign, and impression. The Neustar OneID system creates stronger linkages between offline and online identity to paint a fuller picture of consumer behavior. This enriched customer intelligence delivers faster identification, more accurate verification, and the ability to qualify and segment customers before Allstate engage with them across channels. As a single source of truth, the Neustar IDMP can do side-by-side comparisons of audience reach and performance by platform, audience, and campaign, as well as cross-device measurement and inventory analysis. This all available within the IDMP and made available as raw intelligence delivered directly back to Allstate.

The Outcome

Neustar was able to match 99% of Allstate’s offline records to the Neustar OneID system, and 58% of those offline customers were matched online. By evaluating audience performance across all sales and media touchpoints — both online and offline — Neustar discovered fresh insights that revealed which media exposures drove customer behaviors. Before implementing the Neustar IDMP, Allstate wasn’t able to see the value mobile web and in-app advertising were driving for the business. Traditional media tracking and data management approaches couldn’t tie back to individual mobile exposures. The identity data intelligence Neustar provides helps Allstate make better investment decisions on mobile advertising, because they can track direct exposures back to an individual. Neustar empowers Allstate to take back control of their data and understand not only who is converting, but why. Peeling back the identity layers allows Allstate to learn more about their top-performing audiences, then use that intelligence to further refine and optimize audience targeting and media allocation. Using this intelligence, Allstate reallocated spend toward the top-performing households that Neustar identified and saw a 30% increase in conversions.

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