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Heartland Payment Systems is a Top 5 payments processing service in the U.S. and a leading global provider of payment technology services headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. With merchants and partners in 30 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Brazil, it’s mission-critical that their website is always live and operational for their business to succeed. To make sure their website would stay up and running at all times, Heartland migrated to Neustar UltraDNS.

“If our DNS ever went down, we’d cease to exist,” says Brendon McCaulley, Executive Director of IT Service Operations, Heartland Payment Systems. “We decided to retire our legacy Windows-based DNS and deploy a more robust solution. Our old DNS solution wasn’t based in the cloud, so it couldn’t scale with our growth, plus it depended heavily on aging physical servers.”

A Reputation for Reliability

A major reason Heartland selected Neustar UltraDNS had to do with the fact that they had so many name servers and the company needed to ensure their availability. Neustar’s reputation for reliability also played a significant role in Heartland’s decision-making process.

“Now our site is always available, with quick DNS response times,” McCaulley said. “We can also failover automatically when server performance degrades. It’s a nice insurance policy that helps remediate issues.”

Adding in Website Performance Monitoring

In addition to UltraDNS, Heartland relies on Neustar Website Performance Monitoring to ensure a reliable user experience.

“We monitor every application that helps process payments, every single front-end authorization gateway,” McCaulley said. “Our business processes over 11 million transactions each day, so it’s essential to get performance alerts in real-time. For example, our credit card authorizations have stringent SLAs (service-level agreements). Neustar’s monitoring tools help us meet those obligations. They also enable us to do performance forecasting.”

Since partnering with Neustar, Heartland Payment Systems has experienced zero DNS downtime while supporting billions of transactions. By teaming with a single provider, Heartland has been able to protect both its domain and its brand reputation at the same time.

“We need to assure the end-user experience,” McCaulley said. “Neustar gives us the tools and expertise to get it done.”