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Forbes is one of the most well-known and trusted publications in the world when it comes to business and financial news. Executives, professionals and investors look to Forbes as an authoritative source of information, and to for breaking news, features and other related content.

“Our users rely on for timely, relevant content,” said Mike Smith, Senior VP and General Manager of Operations. “And our advertisers expect quantifiable exposure to our readers, the world’s business leaders. … A brand like ours cannot afford downtime due to DNS errors or denial of service attacks. is a trusted resource for business information on the web. Neustar’s UltraDNS service helps us ensure the integrity of that value proposition.”

Providing a superior user experience previously manages their entire DNS infrastructure in-house. They decided to outsource their external DNS management to meet current usage requirements and to plan for future scalability.

So why did Forbes choose Neustar UltraDNS? Smith cited Neustar’s industry leadership, global DNS infrastructure and 100% availability guarantee. With such a loyal global readership, needed a high-performing, reliable solution.

When page load time is everything

DNS speed and performance are Smith’s top concerns. The Forbes site must load quickly to keep and attract viewers because it’s an advertising-based business model.

“The fundamental paradigm is page load time,” he said. “People have speculated for years whether faster page loads would result in more users. Common sense would say yes. I’m a believer that fast sites get used.”

And since UltraDNS decreased load time significantly, “My gut says it increased viewership. … I don’t think it is truly (appreciated) how critical DNS is for web page loading. monitors page loads and tracks them fanatically.”

UltraDNS “has been literally flawless”

Before switching to UltraDNS, suffered some DNS-related outages. But since then, UltraDNS has assured Forbes’ online presence and helped deliver uninterrupted financial insights to readers all over the world.

“Even though preventing downtime was not our motivating concern when we selected UltraDNS, it has been literally flawless,” Smith said.