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The Challenge

eCommera is a commerce specialist that combines strategic, technology and operational support to deliver rapid growth for global brands and retailers. In over eight years, eCommera has launched more than 170 sites for 25 brands across 30 plus markets.

As an expert in creating effortless, borderless consumer journeys from the point of engagement to the point of purchase for its clients, eCommera’s own website must be second-to-none. This means that its DNS must be up to scratch to ensure optimal performance, reliability and security.

The Solution

eCommera relies on Neustar UltraDNS to ensure its website is always available. Backed by a powerful global directory platform and a highly redundant network of 30 nodes on 6 continents, Neustar UltraDNS is supported by an extensive global infrastructure that manages more than 33 billion queries per day with fast and accurate responses.

UltraDNS also provides comprehensive DNS protection from DNS-based DDoS attacks and its non-open source platform is less vulnerable to hijacking, spoofing or viruses. Neustar Simple Load Balancing and Simple Failover provide an added layer of redundancy to ensure eCommera’s website is always available and performing flawlessly.

The Results

Using the UltraDNS traffic management tools, eCommera is able to change and update domain name records and email addresses so that website traffic and email messages are smoothly redirected and always routed correctly. Hitesh Premji, Senior Support Analyst at eCommera, said: “As we are constantly innovating to provide the newest technology improvements for our clients, thanks to Neustar, we never have an interruption when rerouting our service.”

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