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Business Objective

Consolidate and control its dispersed directory listings data while cutting overall costs.

After a series of mergers and acquisitions, this CSP’s directory listings data was dispersed across five competitive provider databases. Using the traditional ILEC publishers to manage and fulfill their directory listings (DL), they lacked transparency into their monthly costs for DL and where their data was being used beyond fulfillment. The CSP considered bringing directory listings management in-house to gain control of its data and cut their costs.


Deploy Neustar DL management to significantly reduce costs and boost accuracy while giving the CSP control of its DL data.

The CSP chose Neustar’s Directory Listing Management solution because it provided significant cost savings, while giving them greater control over the accuracy and use of their customer data.

In addition to meeting their cost-cutting objective, Neustar’s directory listings solution:

  • Consolidated their DL data into a single, authoritative repository
  • Validated listings data for accuracy and invoicing reconciliation
  • Removed their listings data from competitor databases
  • Serves as their authorized agent with over 150 publishers


With Neustar, the CSP now saves over $262,000 per month in costs that would likely have continued to increase. This monthly total comes from:

  • Saving $95k/month from data consolidation and validation
  • Avoiding $55k/month in recurring ILEC provider fees
  • Retaining $112k/month in subscriber fees formerly passed to ILEC providers