Global Auto Manufacturer Increases Auto Sales Through Addressable TV Remarketing

A Marketer’s Dilemma

A global auto manufacturer needed a faster way to convert in-market customers before it was too late. TV was their most powerful channel, but traditional TV buys couldn’t target in-market prospects. They wanted a way to laser target high potential car shoppers within their purchase cycle. They wanted to buy TV like they buy digital, based on data, intent signals, and addressability.

Data Driven TV

Omnichannel remarketing with addressable TV was the answer. The automaker captured car model searches on its website to identify high potential in-market prospects, then targeted them using addressable TV. They used closed loop measurement to prove the effectiveness and efficiency of addressable TV in driving car sales.

Neustar’s Omnichannel Remarketing Solution transforms anonymous website activity into relevant audiences that can be activated across the Addressable TV ecosystem. With data-driven insights and enriched customer intelligence, Neustar provides the framework with lookalike models that enable clients to expand their reach and scale beyond the initial seed audience. Using Neustar’s authoritative identity data including age, income, home ownership, cost of living, urbanicity and more, the auto manufacturer could successfully engage with high propensity, in-market prospects with a strong intent to purchase, reducing waste and increasing campaign efficiency.

The Guiding Light

It’s not just about getting the right message in front of the right customer. It’s about being able to attribute that message actual sales. Neustar was able to prove that exposure to Addressable TV ads had a positive effect on the manufacturer’s website visitors, with 27% increase in auto purchase lift rate. Even with its higher CPM, Addressable TV increased ROI, compared to linear TV.

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