The Challenge

A global entertainment brand needed a better way to understand its own customers as well as expand its own first-party data to reach new consumers. The brand relies on proprietary first-party data, along with complimentary second- and third-party data, to build a complete picture of its customers. Its marketing activation team relies on these multiple data sources to influence its targeting, acquisition, and retention strategies. If the data being used to build lookalike audiences or guide cross-channel brand communication is either incomplete or out of date, it can affect the level of relevance, personalization, and accuracy of its marketing initiatives. In order to build efficient, compelling, and measurable omnichannel strategies, the brand needed a way to fill in the gaps across its customer data, connect the dots across fragmented signals, and accurately measure the impact of its marketing on new and existing customers.

The Neustar Solution

Neustar and the global entertainment brand worked together to match current customer records to Neustar’s repository of authoritative identity data, in order to improve match rates and increase the scale of targetable consumers across digital media and TV. The brand uses Neustar Identity to update its current customer records with accurate identity data, filling in gaps where identity data may be missing or incomplete. With complete and up-to-date customer records, the brand can expand its understanding of its customers and use advanced insights, such as demographic, psychographic, and behavioral attributes, to identify its top-performing core customers. Using what it already knows is working with its best customers, the brand can now build more relevant targeting strategies to both inform and retain its current customers—while attracting new prospects with compelling experiences along its journey.

Using the Neustar Audience Intelligence, the brand looked at the behavioral, attitudinal, and incremental makeup of its customers, allowing the marketing activation team to build more effective lookalike models. For example, Neustar allowed the brand to dissect and compare the behavioral attributes, device preferences, and channel influence of its core movie watchers. Using Neustar’s OneID system to affix a persistent customer ID across all records, the brand is now able to more efficiently identify, target, and measure the impact of its marketing across a larger pool of core consumers. Using predictive intelligence, the brand can now execute more efficient advertising strategies, increase conversions, and decrease media waste—at the right moment.

The Outcome

With greater intelligence comes greater efficiency. The global entertainment brand is now able to apply broader overarching strategies across its organization with a greater focus on the right customers, tactics, and channels that have been proven to be successful. With a wider lens across its consumer base, the brand was able to increase its reach from 30 percent of the US population to 100 percent, by using Neustar Customer Intelligence. That means the brand now has a larger voice and bigger audience to deliver compelling experiences to. By building its acquisition and retention strategies on top of Neustar’s identity resolution framework, the brand can more effectively validate third-party data sources, build better targeting strategies at scale, and attribute success directly to specific marketing initiatives. Using Neustar Customer Intelligence, the brand can now optimize its media and activation strategies and test new and emerging channels, such as connected TV, with less risk and greater control.

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