Business Overview

Cox Communications is a broadband communications and entertainment company, providing advanced digital video, Internet, telephone and home security and automation services over its own nationwide IP network. Cox is the third-largest U.S. cable company, serving approximately six million residences and businesses, known for its industry-leading customer care and outstanding workplaces.

The Challenge

Cox Receivables Management is a center of excellence at Cox Communications, focused on retaining customers and delivering exceptional financial performance. It relies on contacting consumers by phone for customer service and recoveries management communications and was challenged with maintaining the accuracy of their customers’ contact information. Outdated customer data can put a company at risk in contacting the wrong party and violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). With over 35 million yearly phone number changes in the U.S. alone, the task of keeping consumer contact information current and accurate is challenging for even the most sophisticated companies.

TCPA regulations require that the consent to call or text a phone is provided from the current subscriber or customary user—not of the ‘intended recipient’ of that call or text — regardless of whether the phone has been reassigned to another person. In today’s environment where phone numbers are constantly being reassigned, the onus to verify phone ownership can be quite burdensome – and it lies directly with callers. The regulations differ for wireless phones and landlines:

  • Wireless Phones: TCPA prohibits the use of auto-dialers, texts and pre-recorded messaging to wireless numbers without the prior express consent of the current subscriber or customary user (written consent is required for marketing).
  • Landlines: TCPA prohibits non-emergency pre-recorded calls to residential lines without the prior consent of the current subscriber or customary user (written consent is required for marketing).

The Neustar Solution

Cox Receivables Management worked with several consumer data management providers to test and validate their customer information in order to ensure compliance with the TCPA. The result of this testing determined that Neustar services ranked highest based on accuracy and precision.

Neustar provides unique consumer data intelligence to help some of the largest companies in the U.S. mitigate TCPA compliance risk and drive outbound dialing efficiencies. Neustar provides precise and comprehensive insights about the attributes of the phone number including reassigned phone number information; hyper-accurate disconnect data and insights on when consumers will most likely answer calls. Connecting the best data available helps companies identify whom to call and when and dramatically increases outbound campaign effectiveness while avoiding compliance problems.

Neustar’s Proactive Change Notification Solution was implemented for Cox Receivables Management operations in a solution architecture that proactively monitors for changes in Cox’s customer contact data and notifies Cox of any relevant changes. Neustar consulted with the organization on incorporating best practices for data management and dialing strategies. The company soon began to garner operational efficiencies based on the data assets and domain knowledge provided by Neustar.

The Outcome

Cox Receivables Management operations team first conducted an analysis of their CRM database with the phone attribute insights provided by Neustar. The analysis resulted in the identification of records that had phone numbers that were outdated, inactive or had invalid contact information. These insights enabled the operations team to focus on contacting the verified and active phone numbers that resulted in a 19% increase in right-party contact rates.

The data also enabled the organization to improve the collections cure rate by 32% based on the total number of calls connected with customers. The impact to the business included a 37% increase in dollars collected per hour! These efficiencies resulted in millions obtained in recovered annual revenue and reduced costs of outbound dialing operations.

The precision of the Neustar data intelligence reduced both the risks associated with TCPA regulations and enabled Cox Communications to improve outbound dialing efficiencies. The use of this intelligence is being expanded to support multiple projects and departments, reducing expenses by removing redundant scrub activities with other vendors.

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