“We needed to qualify customers better.”

“We’ve grown so fast over the last two years,” says Tia Newcomer, Vice President of Marketing for biosciences company Cord Blood Registry. “We’ve gone from 250,000 names in our database to over two million."

“This means that the way we have a one-to-one conversation with our customers—and personalize that experience—has changed significantly. We needed to start by qualifying customers better to move them through the sales pipeline.”

“Neustar's segmentation tools are key to the sales pipeline”

“To qualify at scale, we need information and we need powerful segmentation tools,” says Tia. “Neustar PlatformOne and its analytics provide both.”

“For example, our team has identified a number of key, top-tier segments that are more likely to buy our product."

When you can identify your top-tier customers, you can make the investment in targeting them differently. Because we can now identify leads from some of our exclusive sources—these are our most valuable segments—we can talk to them in a very relevant, contextual way.”

Taking segmentation to the next level: lead scoring.

“We also recently applied segmentation to our lead scoring model,” Tia continues, “because instead of relying on rudimentary intelligence like Zip codes, we could now take it down to the household level. Immediately, we saw conversion rates improve by multiples of two, three, four, five and ten. ”

“We were all giving each other high fives!”

“From a marketing perspective, Neustar brought the data and the analytics to the table, helping our sales pipeline from prospects to marketing qualified leads to the sales qualified stage.”

Cord Blood Registry has now started using Media Intelligence, another pillar of Neustar’s PlatformOne, to measure how top customers interact with the brand and optimize its media spend. Tia’s team is looking forward to similarly successful results.

“I would absolutely recommend Neustar to other businesses,” says Tia. “They collaborate with everyone in the business, from the C-suite to our feet on the street.”