The Challenge

A leading Consumer Healthcare (OTC) brand wanted to increase market share at retail locations. To achieve this goal, the brand was looking to track and optimize their marketing investment across channels in order to drive more success in brick and mortar stores. The company was advertising across various digital touchpoints, audience targets, placements, and creatives. However, they lacked the holistic media exposure coverage necessary to fully understand the incremental value of each tactic. As a result, they did not have visibility across the entire customer journey. They needed to understand the collective impact and interaction of all the media touchpoints customers were exposed to, and how those messages influenced their path to purchase. With a more complete picture of their advertising efforts, the company hoped to be able to more accurately depict their return on ad spend and ultimately increase profits.

The Neustar Solution

Neustar responded to the client’s need by expanding its best-in-class Multi-Touch Attribution offering to include a holistic CPG / Consumer Healthcare (OTC) solution using client vetted 3rd party retail sales data. Multi-Touch Attribution provided the ability for the client to tie digital impressions to a representative sample of in-store purchases and help drive dynamic decision making for digital spend. Neustar’s MTA solution uniquely controls for things like external market factors, non-addressable media impacts, and the consumer’s propensity to buy, to provide a true view into incrementality for a brand.

The Outcome

These insights enabled the client to gain visibility into the incremental impact of addressable media and helped them optimize campaigns, audiences and keywords to increase the return on ad spend. By determining which addressable marketing channels and touchpoints delivered the highest return on ad spend, and which channels were returning the lowest ROAS, Neustar was able to identify and recommend specific changes to the client’s media mix to increase return on ad spend by up to 45%. The client would also be able to increase profits by optimizing inventory across retail locations, based on new insights about the customer journey.

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