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Case Studies

The Challenge

Many communications solution providers (CSPs) are undergoing cost-cutting efforts, looking across their organizations for substantial savings. With the cost reduction target set by the executive team of to find $1M per month in savings, they looked to their telephone number (TN) and circuit inventory.

Having expanded their footprint through a series of acquisitions over the previous years, the provider was operating multiple databases and systems to provision, bill and manage their TN and circuit inventory. With gaps between what the incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) billed them compared to what they were billing their customers, the CSP knew that their inventory was out of synch and that there was revenue to be recouped by analyzing and correcting the discrepancies.

While the team knew they could benefit by an audit, they were unsure of the magnitude of the problem. With provisioning teams focused on generating new revenue by completing new customer orders, they were unable to redirect and dedicate team members to undertake this effort.

The Neustar Solution

Neustar Professional Services conducted TN and circuit audits, comparing the CSP’s TN and circuit records with data from industry sources to determine ownership and ensure the provider was paying only for records they owned. For TNs and circuits they did not own or were not in use, Neustar prepared and executed disconnect orders with the appropriate ILECs, then tracked the orders to ensure order completion so that the provider would no longer incur charges past the completion date. Additionally, when needed, Neustar provided the CSP with detailed documentation to support any billing dispute submissions to the ILECs.

The Outcome

The circuit audit and disconnect project performed by Neustar Professional Services achieved recurring savings for the CSP of nearly $500,000 per month, totaling over $3.6 million in the first eight months. These savings were realized soon after the audit was completed, reflecting costs the provider was paying – and would have continued to pay each month – without the audit and disconnect work performed by Neustar. These efforts alone led to 50% of the executive goal of $1 million in monthly cost savings.

The savings were derived from a combination of activities to:

  • Disconnect TNs and circuits they were being invoiced but the CSP did not own
  • Identify and disconnect circuits that were not in use
  • Identify and audit TNs and circuits not included in the provider’s initial assessment

In addition to cost savings, Neustar helped the CSP reduce revenue leakage and recoup revenues by identifying additional TNs and circuits to be included in the audit that were not initially provided by the CSP. For example, Neustar found instances where a single line was actually part of a multi-line account. By adding the lines to the audit, additional savings and/or additional revenue opportunities were identified.

Our professionals can audit and process thousands of lines of data, delivering a faster time to ROI that enables service providers to realize the full value of their M&A efforts.

About Neustar Data Audits

Years of industry consolidation, mergers and acquisitions have left many providers managing data in multiple systems and databases, creating an environment that is likely to cause inconsistencies in billing and invoicing inconsistencies. Provisioning processes that differ by region and by system result in disparate data, errors and order fallout that reduce revenue and negatively impact the customer experience. A data audit by Neustar Professional Services will pinpoint issues and identify data discrepancies between various systems and processes to:

  • Reduce fallout and increase order flow-through
  • Increase order completion rates
  • Identify root causes and identify corrective actions

Technical Expertise to Optimize Your Operations

Neustar Professional Services provides a team of subject matter experts to help you identify and address your operational challenges with expertise, guidance and support that lead to efficiency, greater customer satisfaction and increased margins. Whether working to improve staff productivity, accelerate order processing or improve data integrity through systems consolidation, our customer advisory staff brings decades of industry expertise working on virtually any platform. Get fast, proven results on your mission-critical operations without the burden of added headcount.


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