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A well-established third-party debt buyer needed help. The company excelled at the core collections process, with strong predictive modeling identifying customers most likely to repay, but needed to be more efficient in contacting right parties — while mitigating risk to TCPA compliance.

Neustar Analyzed Call Data and Found Important Ways to Improve.

Upon analysis of the company’s call data, Neustar uncovered significant room for improvement. By overlaying Neustar’s authoritative data — for identification, verification, phone activity, and phone type — the company was able to:

  • Identify 53% of contacts as bad numbers (those not resulting in a right-party contact) and remove these from dialing efforts.
  • Increase manual dialing productivity by 70%.
  • Increase right-party contacts by 60%, greatly improving outbound call-center efficiency. This also boosted revenue as the company serviced charge-offs in consumer card and student lending debt.

Thanks to Neustar’s authoritative data sources, proprietary linking logic and real-time network, the company can now verify the linkage between a customer’s name, address and phone number — instantly and definitively. The bottom line: higher productivity and revenue, while maintaining strict TCPA compliance.

About Neustar Verification

Neustar Verification delivers the most comprehensive customer contact data, combined with unparalleled coverage of wireless, VoIP and nonpublic numbers. With a best-of-breed combination of carrier and network-level data, Neustar offers unmatched coverage and accuracy.