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Case Studies

“We have contractual obligations to restrict content to certain territories,” says Johnny Miller, Lead Technical Architect at Sky Go, a leading provider of streaming TV for mobile devices and computers in the UK.

“For instance, if you try to access us from France we’d have to block you, to comply with the rights and agreements we have in place with studios.”

“Our use of Neustar data solves a very significant problem: how do we know where people are accessing us from? That kind of confidence is fundamental to our ability to serve our customers. We can go to the studios and tell them we’re using Neustar—and that’s good enough.”

Neustar is recognized throughout the industry as being the leading provider of IP geolocation data, says Johnny. By analyzing IP addresses, Neustar IP Intelligence pinpoints where and how people access the Internet. Neustar’s patented technologies ensure complete, up to date and accurate IP data, tracking and mapping billions of routable IP addresses worldwide.

“That confidence comes from the quality of the data Neustar uses.”

“It gives our business stakeholders confidence as well,” adds Johnny. “That confidence comes from the quality of data Neustar uses and from the frequency of the updates we receive. We know the data isn’t stale.”

As for customer service, “The team responds quickly. When we’ve asked for refinements to the data they’ve taken it onboard and come back with the answers we needed."

“I would definitely recommend Neustar to associates in the industry. Having considered all the available options on the market, Neustar was the only company we felt comfortable working with.”