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The Challenge

BMJ was founded over 170 years ago as a printed medical journal (British Medical Journal) and has developed into a leading healthcare provider and publisher of 60 of the world’s most influential medical and allied science journals.

As well as publishing journals, the company delivers information and support tools to healthcare professionals globally to assist them in their day-to-day work.

Over the last decade the company has pioneered the migration to digital publishing and the development of open access. This digital transformation has enabled BMJ’s global expansion into new regions such as North America, China and India.

As BMJ developed its international presence, its customer base grew to include national institutions and health departments. This meant that BMJ was required to deliver products across whole geographical regions.

The Solution

BMJ chose Neustar UltraGeoPoint, which uses patented, proprietary technologies, to ensure complete and accurate IP data collection. This precise information is used to track and map routable IP addresses worldwide to meet the needs of its global customer base.

“We went with Neustar UltraGeoPoint because it was the best solution for our needs at that time, and it’s a decision we’ve never regretted,” explains Alex Hooper, Head of Operations at BMJ.

Neustar UltraGeoPoint plays a straightforward but crucial role for BMJ, that of identifying queries and their location. This plays an important part in ensuring the company is servicing its global customer base and maintaining a high level of quality when delivering its web experience. “To date the solution has proven to be reliable and always up to date,” states Hooper.

Neustar UltraGeoPoint ensures that BMJ complies with geographical restrictions and safeguards it from selling products in prohibited areas. The solution automatically monitors and manages the rights for streaming content to ensure BMJ is compliant in individual countries.

A crucial benefit that BMJ welcomed during the initial stages of deployment was a simple and easy integration process. Neustar’s solution seamlessly operates with BMJ’s pre-existing back-end applications. “This was primarily down to the intuitive Java interface,” explains Hooper. “The beauty of the product is that it just works. It’s enormously reliable and stable."

The Results

Neustar UltraGeoPoint is consistently reliable and provides ongoing licensing support for BMJ. “For years we had a model where we were required to update our licenses every year but Neustar UltraGeoPoint has eliminated that worry by moving to a perpetual model,” explains Hooper.

Neustar’s customer support team provides continuous guidance and on the rare occasion BMJ has reached out to Neustar with a query, it has been dealt with in a speedy and efficient way with one point of contact.

“Our requirements are straightforward, but they have been satisfied extremely well with Neustar’s UltraGeoPoint,” said Hooper.

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