Branded Call Display (BCD) Helps Protect the Public

When the pandemic hit, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) was charged with protecting the health of all 8.6 million Virginia residents. Getting in touch with potentially infected citizens was critical to reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Phone was the primary channel used to reach Virginians, but the answer rates were low. Unfortunately, it’s not an uncommon problem – due to the rise of illegal robocalls, call spoofing, and fraud, consumers won’t pick up the phone if they don’t know who’s calling. To increase their contact rates and rebuild trust in the phone, the VDH turned to Neustar for help.

After implementing Neustar Branded Call Display (BCD), VDH saw answer rates rise as high as 61.5 percent - a lift of 105 percent.

VDH Senior Epidemiologist Seth Levine shared the details with us in a new case study.