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Business Challenge

In the automotive industry, differentiation, pricing and converting customers into buyers are key challenges. One of the largest automotive companies in the world came to Neustar to help them gain visibility across their media spend and understand where to invest their marketing dollars to drive more sales.


The Neustar Media Intelligence Platform™ (MIP) delivers cross-channel visibility in real time, enabling the client to take quick action based on their new understanding of:

  • Which inventory providers are the most cost-efficient?
  • How to reallocate marketing dollars to increase sales?


Leveraging the Neustar MIP, the client quickly identified areas of inefficiency in their current media spend, including a 16.9% overlap across the worst and best provider. Identifying which provider was the least cost efficient enabled the client to reallocate marketing dollars to the providers driving more conversions at a lower cost.

Bottom Line

  • 91% increase in conversions
  • 207% increase in actions per thousand (APM)