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AerServ is a mobile video monetization platform. While the company has a strong focus on serving publishers, it’s also expanding the ways it empowers advertisers across mobile devices.

To help advertisers reach their target audiences with video at scale, AerServ needed more precision in its audience targeting, which in turn required accurate segmentation data. “Most advertisers lack the first party data to do audience-targeting in house,” said Andrew Gerhart, AerServ COO.

“To deliver for them, we needed reliable third-party data to help them verify device IDs and IP addresses, ultimately getting their brand message in front of the right people.” Wanting to build its brand through scalability and stellar results, AerServ knew it was time to find the right partner.


According to Gerhart, his team chose Neustar’s data because of its “fantastic reputation.” They started using it to help them respond to RFPs, employing both Neustar AdAdvisor audience segmentation and Neustar CRM onboarding. “We’d run requests from advertisers against Neustar data, corroborating device IDs and IPs and showing how we could deliver exactly the right audiences.”

Gerhart added that while media placement matters, audience matters more. “An advertiser may not have heard of some of the apps we recommend in their mix—remember, people jump from app to app all the time, and there are new apps built every day—but most are more concerned about getting relevant messages to targets. When the campaign delivers higher performance, that’s what really counts.”


Since joining forces with Neustar to grow its advertiser business through better audience targeting, AerServ has seen its in-app video inventory gain in appeal.

This example shows why. AerServ was running a national mobile video ad campaign for a leading mobile game developer. The goal was to increase brand awareness. Previous ad campaigns relied on more generic targeting techniques, such as day-parting and contextual targeting. They didn’t move the needle.

With increased competition from other mobile game developers, AerServ needed more sophisticated ways to target ads to the right user, namely audience targeting data combining accuracy and scale. Neustar was there to help.

With the ability to target over 16,000 audience segments across over 120 million US households and 220 million US adults, Neustar had both the precision and coverage to help AerServ reach its goals. AerServ chose to use Neustar’s demographic audience segments, which includes segments around age and household income.

AerServ launched a successful eight-week mobile video ad campaign, targeting 18-35 year olds with household incomes of $50,000 to $100,000. Using Neustar’s audience data, the ad campaign yielded impressive results. Average CTR jumped by 146%, compared to past campaigns.

“Partnering with Neustar has been crucial to netting more agency sales,” said Gerhart. “It’s enhanced our current offering, and positions us to grow. We love the granularity of the Neustar segments, the integration was a breeze, and the UI is easy to use. Overall, a huge success.”