“Thirty-six years ago in Anaheim, California, someone decided it took too long to get custom-made blinds, so he created Three Day Blinds,” says Dan Williams, Chief Revenue Officer, 3 Day Blinds. “So thirty-six years later, here we are.”

“Our marketing methods were a little old school,” Dan adds, “and we wanted to find new customers. So we use Neustar to determine the best ways to find those new customers using digital marketing methods.”

“Neustar data helps us build a relationship that makes sense.”

3 Day Blinds first used Neustar to verify customers’ contact information. Now the company also uses Neustar data for audience segmentation, identifying top prospects to reach them more efficiently.

“We use data from different sources,” says Dan. “But we consider Neustar the agency of record for telling us who our customers are. Using Neustar data to shape our marketing message and customer experience really has helped us identify our customers—where they are, who they are—talk to them specifically and build a relationship that makes sense.”

“We’ve shifted marketing dollars dramatically into more digital channels.”

“The Neustar data has absolutely changed the way we do business,” Dan continues. “We’ve shifted marketing dollars dramatically from several different channels into more digital channels. For example, Neustar data has allowed us to limit the amount of direct mail we send. We spend less on direct mail, but we send it to the right people. So we’re saving money and generating more revenue.”

“Additionally, on the digital side we know where our customers are and we know where to expand into new geographies. So it makes everything more efficient.”

According to Dan, managing high volumes of data isn’t hard with the right tools. “Big data is a term people throw out because they don’t understand it,” he says. “Everyone has data. And if you have enough of it, it’s big. But if you know how to manipulate it and use tools like Neustar, then it’s more digestible and it translates to efficiencies and growth, and different ways to market and treat your customers.”

“At 3 Day Blinds, the customer experience is really important.”

While 3 Day Blinds isn’t an ecommerce company, “We are absolutely in the digital space,” says Dan. “People talk about us online, we talk about ourselves and we connect with customers digitally. It’s key for our company to know the digital landscape.”

“At 3 Day Blinds, the customer experience is really important because this is the type of product that people recommend to their friends and family. With social media, one little slip up and it becomes public knowledge. Working with Neustar, we’re better able to offer customers the right product and the right experience and do it in a way they’re really satisfied with.”