Product Features

Instantly Connect to Buyers

Elevate availability of your service offerings to the entire ecosystem of wholesale buyers from a single platform.

Automated Quoting

Generate quotes based on location-specific attributes that maximize profit margins while cutting total quoting time from days or weeks – to minutes.

Automated Order Receipt

Single, easy-to-use buyer GUI allows you to manage incoming orders efficiently – reducing errors and order fallout.

Enhanced Event Status

Online portal provides buyers enhanced status updates and notifications – greatly reducing order inquiries.

Trouble Ticket Administration

Simplify the management of incoming issues for circuits, facilities, and network elements and provide automatic status updates to improve customer communications and satisfaction.

Industry Compliant

Complies with all industry formats, including ASOG, MEF, TM Forum, LSR and proprietary.

Eliminate the hassles, delays, and errors caused by outdated ordering systems.

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