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Phone calls remain a vital communication channel in our digital world. But consumers in the US are inundated with almost 100 million robocalls a day. Stopping illegal robocalling is now the FCC’s number one consumer initiative. After a series of poor experiences, spam and fraud, consumer attitudes are changing, and they’re not sure whether to pick up the phone at all.

Businesses are frustrated because they can’t get through, and bogus or spoofed calls from bad actors risk businesses’ brand reputation, revenue streams and opportunities. Lines of communication are becoming dangerously bottlenecked: a significant proportion of calls containing important information, such as pharmacy pick-up reminders, kids’ school information or extreme weather warnings, get lost or go unanswered in the torrent of unsolicited or fraudulent robocalls.

Early initiatives by operators to block suspicious calls, and by mobile apps to identify potential spam and fraud calls, are affecting legitimate business calls. We believe that with education, engagement and the right tools, consumers can be empowered to make their own choices. We need to protect consumers from unwanted robocalls, yet ensure legitimate calls to consumers can get through.

Today, technology experts, businesses in every sector, advocacy groups and government bodies are coming together to solve the problem.

Please join us. Together we can:

  • Protect consumers from spoofed, suspect or fraudulent calls
  • Help businesses safely communicate with customers
  • Ensure consumers are informed about their options
  • Deliver engaging and valuable calling experiences