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December 17th, 2013

Why be manual when you can automate your authentication process?

How much does your bank rely on contact center agents to determine the risk of a call? Because many financial institutions still do, this is a question they need to continually ask themselves. The problem with using bank representatives to make these decisions is when there is a process around human beings, people are generally the weakest part of the link.

Now, when you combine the human element with an unreliable method for identifying customers over the telephone, such as knowledge-based authentication (KBA), then you’re bank is relying on two highly volatile components to protect both your customers and confidential information. This approach can put your data at a much higher risk than it should be.

A highly predictive approach to customer authentication today is automation. By automating the authentication process, banks no longer have to depend on people making these critical decisions.

With the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution, contact centers aren’t left to lengthy telephone interrogations to determine the risk of the call, the system is. Using real-time telephone network forensics, TRUSTID automates the telephone authentication process to remove the ability for criminals to socially engineer call centers. This is possible only because the call is validated pre-answer.

Undetectable to criminals, bad calls automatically end up in high-risk fraud queues without the crooks even knowing how they got there. On the flip side, verified good callers are proactively identified so agents can begin addressing their needs at the beginning of the call. And all this happens before the agent picks up the phone.

As the industry’s only automated telephone authentication service that validates all incoming calls pre-answer, TRUSTID’s real-time automation drives efficiency, quality, repetitive accuracy and security. Once you realize how costly, time-consuming and risky it is to manually identify customers over the telephone, you’re really only left with a single question, “Isn’t it time I automate my authentication process?”

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