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May 11th, 2015

​What’s Next in Analytics?

Jon and I started MarketShare 10 years ago with the goal to completely change the way marketers make decisions about how they spend their budgets and prove the actual impact of those investments to the C-Suite.

The hurdle wasn't very high – marketing analytics was a wasteland except for performance marketers. Small boutiques using basic tools to do models, or data companies offering widely derided ROI reports. And, marketers were operating without much air coverage as a result.

With the onslaught of digital, social and mobile, everything has changed and those traditional approaches not only stopped working, but oftentimes told marketers the exact wrong thing to do (we unfortunately still see this happening today – mostly in Europe and Asia). As analytics moved from ‘nice to have’ to ‘need to have’, this became an unacceptable risk for a career marketer.

That was Then; This is Now
Things have changed, and MarketShare has been a critical catalyst of this change. We raised significant private equity from top technology investors to build the state-of-the-art platform for marketers’ decision making, the MarketShare DecisionCloud. And early adopters started winning. This accelerated their growth, and ours.

Today, marketers are armed with accurate, predictive and transparent (read: no ‘black box’ math) analytics and software tools that act like a GPS system for marketing decisions. And, we are just in the first inning. The next wave of ‘people-based marketing’ is upon us, allowing us to truly allocate, attribute and communicate with the right people, with the right message and at the right time, through the right combination of touchpoints.

Part of MarketShare’s momentum to become the market leader globally in predictive analytics for marketers has been innovation – seeing around the corner and building analytic models and software to predict and satisfy marketer needs. The next wave, in our opinion, is around truly understanding the consumer behind the cookie, IP address or email address – looking holistically at their interests, preferences, patterns and then, helping to drive maximum business impact through this value exchange.

To truly understand the consumer, you need authenticated identity across devices – who is precisely using what mobile device or tablet, and at what address and phone number – truly linking consumers in an entirely revolutionary way. We found an ideal partner in Neustar, considered the industry leader in Authoritative Identity. And following our go-to-market partnership with Neustar, we are excited to share that we have entered into a definitive agreement to formally join forces and become a part of their company.

Plan, Decide, Do – in One System, and Real-Time
The resources Neustar brings to the table as a billion dollar leader in information services will allow MarketShare to dramatically expand its resources in innovation, analytics and software development (they do process 27 billion real-time decisions each day – this will be a game changer for our clients!) and, of course, authenticated data. Our vision of offering our clients the ability to Plan, Decide, and Do will be fulfilled through this deal.

MarketShare isn’t going anywhere – it will just get bigger and stronger as part of Neustar. Following closing of the transaction, the MarketShare solutions will continue to operate our brand within Neustar, and we will combine our two marketing services teams to create a powerhouse team of marketing experts globally. Our leadership team will take executive leadership roles within Neustar and our executive leadership team at MarketShare will remain the same.

We are excited about this next chapter of MarketShare and the value it will bring our clients. Clients have always been the definitive primary ‘driver variable’ for our decision-making, followed by our team, leadership then investors. We are confident that this transaction will represent a leap forward for what we can provide our customers; joining forces with Neustar will bring further innovations, solutions and the world’s best data to the next generation of attribution and planning solutions.

Keep an eye on this space for more developments – and let’s get back to work for our clients!

Wes and Jon

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