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June 8th, 2017

What Does It Mean to Be a Marketing Analytics Genius?

Many have entered, but only four will walk away with the title of Genius. And with the extended entry deadline for this year’s ANA Genius Awards quickly approaching on June 16, the time is now if you feel your accomplishments in marketing analytics have what it takes to be part of this year’s Genius class.

In the modern marketing world, data-driven insights from advanced analytics can make the difference between hitting and missing your business outcomes. With the measurements gleaned by analytics solutions like Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) that can connect both the online and offline worlds, marketing departments can start being seen by their organizations as sales contributors rather than a cost center. And when it comes to Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), is there a more difficult task than trying to accurately predict the future?

So if you have done something in your organization that truly moved the needle by using analytics, you should enter today. If your marketing analytics work solved a persistent problem, helped fill a gap, generated better ROI or increased engagement … that’s what makes a Genius. Entries aren’t limited to those juts focused on MMM or MTA. Judges actively invite people to enter who have shown creativity.

The four categories where groundbreaking work is recognized include:

  • Analytics Impact recognizing outstanding contributions to business results, helping to pinpoint the bottom-line value that marketing provides.
  • Analytics Innovation recognizing exceptionally creative approaches to solve complex problems or overcome obstacles through unconventional thinking.
  • Analytics Adoption recognizing broad implementation across the organization, rallying internal activation for stakeholders, programs, or reporting technologies.
  • Analytics Science recognizing superior problem-solving by applying rigorous testing and methodologies to marketing challenges.

A blue ribbon panel of leading CMOs and marketing scientists will serve as judges and select the Finalists for each category, with the announcement coming in September at the ANA Masters of Measurement Conference in Naples, Fla. The Genius Award winners will be announced in October during the annual ANA Masters of Marketing Conference in Orlando, Fla. The winners share in a $100,000 cash pool, with the proceeds going to their favorite charities.

Past winners have included widely recognizable brand names Hilton Worldwide, Clorox, Turner, Adobe and SAP.

Submitting your online application is free and easy. Simply click here and you can enter in any of the four awards categories before the extended deadline on June 16. Don’t miss out on your chance to be honored with the most prestigious awards in marketing analytics.

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