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January 4th, 2015

Welcoming DataSong to MarketShare

Better Decision-Making Solutions for our Clients, From Planning to Granular Optimization

A message from Jon Vein and Wes Nichols

MarketShare's acquisition of San Francisco-based DataSong, announced on April 1, is a huge step forward for our company and further boosts MarketShare's role as the industry leader in advanced marketing decision analytics technology.

This acquisition is a game-changing move for the marketplace and makes perfect sense. DataSong has been a true innovator in the field, providing "decision apps" for multi-channel attribution, customer targeting, event-triggered marketing and related areas. They have deep retail sector expertise working with top brands such as Williams Sonoma, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom, plus experience in other sectors such as automotive, financial services, consumer electronics and others.

Integrating the best of DataSong's products and technologies puts the pedal to the metal for accelerating MarketShare DecisionCloud™ and creates a product suite that far outdistances anything else in the marketplace.

For marketers, the future is customer-centricity and omnichannel optimization. Adding DataSong's technology and expertise to MarketShare's category-leading platform takes actionable analytics to a whole new level. Going forward, we will focus on building a single brand – MarketShare DecisionCloud™ – which reflects the best that both teams bring together to the marketplace.

The acquisition also brings great benefits to customers of both companies. MarketShare customers gain an even stronger attribution offering, with new customer-centric analytics and reporting, and the opportunity to access advanced targeting and other decision apps in the near future. MarketShare customers also gain enhanced abilities to target on a 1:1 basis across digital channels such as mobile, social, display and paid search, as well as direct marketing channels such as email and catalogs.

DataSong's customers continue to get the same great products and services and become part of a broader decision-making platform with best-of-breed optimization, scenario planning and ongoing innovation.
In addition, the acquisition further expands our fast-growing talent roster. DataSong's roughly 50 employees will join the MarketShare team, adding to our global workforce in nine offices worldwide. John Wallace, DataSong's CEO, will become MarketShare's Chief Growth Officer. He will focus on capitalizing extensive opportunities in its digital business, strategic partnerships, and new business ventures. John's extensive digital, retail, product and entrepreneurial experience, as well as his industry network, will help accelerate the business dramatically.

Mike DeVries, DataSong's President, will become MarketShare's Head of Business Management. He will focus on accelerating MarketShare's go to market operations and will support effective integration of MarketShare and DataSong customers and teams. Mike's extensive CEO, COO and CMO experience in several analytics technology and software businesses will help accelerate key initiatives.
For more about this new chapter in MarketShare's growth and expansion, read our press release.

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