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November 13th, 2014

Understanding Twitter Box Office Impact in the UK

In a recent study by MarketShare, commissioned by Twitter, we used marketing mix modeling analysis to answer to the question:How much does Twitter impact movie ticket sales in the UK?

The answer: quite a bit.

In our analysis of over 50 movie titles released in the UK over the past three years, we found that:

  • Twitter contributed to 18% of UK cinema ticket sales over the period studied.
  • Tweets from film Twitter accounts—like @StarWarsUK and @HungerGamesUK— contributed 2% to box office sales.
  • For every £1 invested in Twitter Ads, £5.88 was generated in box office ticket sales.
  • TV ads for new film releases produced 8% more ticket sales if the movie was advertised on both TV and Twitter versus TV alone.

To conduct the study, we guided our modeling software to match specific media spend data to ticket sales, and ran that data through our systems for the movie titles analyzed. To increase the accuracy of the results, we included additional data like movie genre and critics’ ratings as well.

Recently, there have been many interesting analyses quantifying Twitter's interaction with other types of viewership—such asNielsen’s research on Twitter as a predictor of TV ratings. Taken collectively, the message to marketers is clear: social media has a profound impact on viewership of all kinds, and on sales—and that impact is measurable.

Read the full study on Twitter’s UK Advertising Blog.


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