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February 8th, 2017

UltraRecursive DNS – Because Not All Heroes Wear Capes

You’ve probably never looked at yourself in the mirror and saw a resemblance to Clark Kent. But after reading this, you might.

Kent’s job largely depended on his ability to quickly gather, organize, and assess information. His 9-5 was also somewhat unassuming, leading some to wonder what he does most of the time. But most importantly, Kent was the mild-mannered alter ego for Superman - a hero who could always be counted on to thwart attacks and restore order.

Sound familiar?

Whether you’re the CISO or IT administrator, chances are you probably play a Clark Kent/Superman role in your professional life.

You know what it’s like to have to quickly discern if the sudden spike in website traffic is normal or possibly a harbinger of things to come. You know what it’s like to work in relative anonymity, only to have your position highlighted in moments of conflict or crisis. You know what it’s like to be the last line of defense.

And in much the same way that Superman relied on his special powers to save the world, we’d like to introduce you to a super power that could save your network: Neustar UltraRecursive.

UltraRecursive is a cloud-based recursive DNS service that offers threat intelligence and blocks malicious would-be intruders such as malware, bots and ransomware.

And with category-based blocking, UltraRecursive gives you the authority to either whitelist or blacklist content at your own discretion. So whether you need to restrict questionable third-party content from entering your network, or block social media sites that eat away at productivity, UltraRecursive provides you with the necessary tools.

Since UltraRecursive is cloud-based, there’s no hardware to buy or annoying management hassles to deal with. The cloud-based portal provides volumetric reporting that’s continuously updated and provides information on what’s been blocked, query volume, and content that you set warnings for. Best yet, UltraRecursive features 24/7 support, because even Superman needed backup at times.

So maybe not all heroes wear capes. But when you have a weapon like Neustar UltraRecursive, not all heroes need one. To learn more about UltraRecursive and how it can help your network, please read our white paper

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