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October 24th, 2019

Turning your customers into fans

The age of digital transformation has begun. According to a recent survey, 80% of customer experience professionals said they are well underway of deploying additional channels to engage with their customers.

While this gives consumers more ways to connect with their favorite brands, the Forbes article, “Don’t Neglect Your Contact Center in the Midst of Digital Transformation,” warns that being overly enthusiastic about new digital channels can threaten more traditional channels that still play an important role in the customer experience.

When it comes to upgrading or enhancing your enterprise, overlooking one of the most frequently used customer channels — your contact center — can impact your brand reputation and business profits.

Take, for example, your call center volume. Are your numbers going down? Most organizations are reporting that not only are they maintaining similar call volumes, but they are actually going up. This is where investing only in digital channels without considering areas of your call center that could help improve efficiency and your overall customer experience, can be harmful to your organization.

Before your consider investing in additional online channels to give your customers more options, the article cites a few things you should think about.

1. First impressions. When it comes to making a good first impression, nothing beats the sound of a friendly voice. Emerging automated technologies that streamline the caller authentication process allows call center agents to immediately greet customers and resolve problems faster. Replacing or support knowledge-based solutions with advanced tools such as TRUSTID’s pre-answer caller authentication creates an environment for strong first impressions, but also build more trust and goodwill with your customers.

2. Successful high-stakes moments. When it comes to customer service, today’s consumers have more demands than ever. Over the years, they’ve come to expect prompt, effective service over the telephone. If customers don’t get the service they demand, research shows they’re more likely than ever to switch to a competitor. Investing in an environment that allows your call center agents to provide an exceptional customer experience during those high-stake moments makes a difference in how they perceive your brand.

3. Primary or secondary customer channel. When consumers need a problem resolved, they often think digital first. But what happens when digital channels can’t fix the problem? When this happens, customers turn to voice interactions. When a live call center agent resolves their problem in the timely manner and ensures them that everything is fine, that’s the value contact centers can provide as either the primary or secondary customer channel.

4. Turn your customers into fans. Delivering a seamless customer experience can also create fans out of your customers. Doing this requires investments in your contact center infrastructure, agent training, testing and monitoring, and analyzing your customer journey. All of these play a critical role in improving areas that may need upgrading, as well as providing an experience that gives them more trust, confidence and satisfaction with your brand.

The bottom line is, customer calls aren’t going away. If anything, they are increasing. Making sure that your call center has the latest processes and technologies to provide the level of service your customers have come to expect is essential to strengthening your customer relationships and overall business success.

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