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March 23rd, 2017

A Trusted Way for Your Business to Be Found

It’s the middle of the night, you’re on vacation and your child has a terrible cough. You get in the rental car and use your phone to search for an open drug store near you. Your smartphone shows a few options — one is 3 miles away and another 3.5 miles away. With the hope of some sleep in your future, you choose the one that is a bit farther because it’s the same chain as your trusted pharmacy back home. You drive the 3.5 miles only to find a dark, boarded up, out-of-business drug store. You sigh. You’re exhausted and now the chance of getting back to sleep seems like it’s slipping away.

For businesses to succeed in the modern world, a great customer experience is vital. This is important in every step of the customer journey, from customers finding you, to keeping them happy, loyal and coming back for more. When the experience is broken, there’s a strong emotional reaction that lingers with customers.

Inaccurate or outdated information seems like a small thing, but the impact is big when a potential customer is looking for your products or services. These so called micro-moments are key steps in the customer journey, especially as we rely on our smartphones more and more to research products and services and then find where to get them.

These micro-moments matter to customers and are crucial steps people make when seeking out new or trusted business to work with or buy from. They certainly won’t waste time conducting another search to find your correct information, they’ll just move on to a competitor. And the likelihood of them turning to your business next time is pretty slim. Information that can’t be trusted leaves a negative, lasting impression about your business. Negative experiences do not encourage repeat customers, and it’s likely their story will be shared with friends and family.

Make a Good First Impression

It’s critical to have a trusted connection with your customers from the beginning, and that starts with being visible with accurate and consistent listing data on as many local search platforms as possible. Reaching the big search engines — Google, Bing, Yahoo — is important, but so are all of the other places people are searching. 

People are on the go and don’t have time to waste looking for businesses that don’t exist, have moved locations, closed down, list an incorrect phone number, or show outdated store hours. Search is always available to us and we act on it. It’s imperative that your business is displayed accurately and consistently across all avenues people are searching. 

According to a Google infographic, today, over half of all search queries globally now come from mobile devices. Further, 76% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a business within 24 hours, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase. Make sure you aren’t missing out on the 28% — if they can’t find you, they can’t make that purchase. 

Make a Good Impression Everywhere

So how do you ensure the most accurate and consistent listing information is being displayed about your business everywhere people are searching? It’s exhausting to think about the time and effort involved in checking and updating each one.

Neustar Localeze provides a single place to update and enhance your business listings as often as you need, and distributes that listing information to over 85 local search platforms. This includes various large and small search engines, online directories, GPS/mapping/navigation sites, mobile apps, vertical specific sites and more. Through our online portal, you can make any changes to your business listings anytime you need to, as often as you need to, and we distribute that information to all of our local search partners. Keeping your listings consistent and actively managing your information in the local search world is a proactive way to avoid customer churn or negative impressions.

And while 85% of searches are conducted on Google, it’s important not to ignore the other 15% of searches. Consumers are increasingly starting their search from a GPS app or car navigation system. Local sites for handyman services, arts & crafts, and other niches have loyal users that are also looking for your products and services and expect to find detailed listings when they’re searching. Your information and your brand need to be findable wherever your customers are, so you can engage with them seamlessly no matter how they’re searching.

A True, Trusted Identity

Neustar Localeze is a trusted business listings identity management service for local search. As a trusted partner, Localeze maintains direct, authorized relationships with local search platforms, national and regional brands, channel partners and local businesses. Localeze provides tools to verify, manage and enhance the identity of local online listings.

Neustar is a global information services provider and a leader in Connection Science. We know how to connect people, places, and things with authoritative identity.

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