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August 14th, 2018

How to Use Trusted Call Solutions to Drive Better Customer Engagement

Despite the various digital communication options available today, customers still prefer to receive phone calls for urgent messages, resolving complex issues, or discussing sensitive information. Yet, according to Boston Consulting Group, more than 88% of business calls go unanswered.

When Neustar recently audited the customer call experience from an enterprise client’s outbound calls*, we found:

52% displayed “UNKNOWN NAME” or the display was blank

Fewer than 34% included the city and state of the caller

Only 10% included the name of the company calling

5% displayed variations of the company name

We also discovered that 13 of the 15 (87%) most frequently used outbound telephone numbers were labeled as potential spam across all four major mobile operators.

In the modern communications world where unwanted robocalling and call fraud are rampant, it’s no wonder customers won’t answer an incoming phone call when they don’t know who is on the other end. They’re also very unlikely to answer a call if the display shows “Suspected Spam.”

Analysys Mason, a global consultancy and research firm, has published a new report that profiles Neustar’s caller ID solutions. In the report, “Neustar: Trusted Call solutions aim to transform the mobile calling experience”, Analysys Mason reviews how Neustar’s industry-leading products enable more personalized and secure customer engagement, while also increasing B2C call-answer rates (improving operational efficiencies and lowering the cost of customer support).

Businesses can proactively protect their brand reputation by ensuring that the caller ID information that get displayed on consumers’ phones are consistent, accurate and complete. And it should be done across all voice service providers, devices and mobile apps.

Neustar’s process of managing a business’ caller identity display involves registering legitimate phone numbers to prevent inaccurate call blocking or mislabelling. We can also customize the caller ID display to reflect campaigns, departments or even individuals. These verified numbers are distributed across the caller ID ecosystem – all major operators and leading mobile caller ID apps – to ensure consistency.

With Neustar’s Branded Call Display, companies can add detail and context to their outbound calls to smartphones and mobile devices, providing customized information such as a company logo, e-business card or personalized text to their customer. Increasing call engagement is particularly important for companies that want to improve their operations. Every outgoing call that gets answered by a customer instead of going to voicemail helps prevent missed appointments, multiple truck rolls and failed delivery attempts.

Implementing better caller identity gives people more confidence about who is calling and why they should answer the call. One Neustar client found that when just a mere 2.5% of appointments for home visits were missed because the customer wasn’t home, the annual cost to the company was a staggering $10 million.

Feel free to download the full report to learn more about delivering trusted customer call experiences. By taking advantage of the growing real estate on smartphone screens as a branding and engagement tool, you’ll be one step closer to offering a premium customer experience.

*Audit was completed across 9,500 telephone numbers provided by 12 carriers, for 12.5 million calls over a 5-month period.

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