June 24th, 2021

Third-Party Cookies are Not Toast (Yet)! Take These Steps to Avoid Getting Burned.

"While there’s considerable progress with [the Privacy Sandbox] initiative, it's become clear that more time is needed across the ecosystem to get this right (...) We must take time to evaluate the new technologies, gather feedback and iterate to ensure they meet our goals for both privacy and performance, and give all developers time to follow the best path for privacy."

With these words, Google announced that it was pushing back the launch of its Privacy Sandboxand thus the removal of third-party cookies from Chromeby almost two years.

That noise you hear across the hallway? It's a collective sigh of relief from the marketing team tasked with your brand's transition to a cookieless world. Last year, Google threw down the gauntlet with its initial cookie deprecation pronouncement, but the timeline was always too aggressive. For every stakeholder in the marketing ecosystem, today's announcement is a welcome delay and the culmination of major lobbying efforts from the advertising industry.

But two years go by in the blink of an eye. Going cold turkey was no fun, but cookies will be gone soon enough, and marketers, publishers, and all other data and technology players in the ecosystem still need to wean themselves off a twenty-year cookie diet.

Last Spring, we wrote about Google's long-term position regarding cookie replacement, and what it meant for customer data management and the future of marketing. That long-term position hasn't changed, and our vision for the future hasn't changed either. It's called Fabrick™, a next-gen data connectivity platform providing marketers with the identity linkages, privacy protections, and data connections necessary to function in a privacy-centric, post-ID world.

Take the necessary steps now to move away from the IDs that will inevitably disappear. Neustar can assess your current partners and media investments to identify at-risk integrations and help you upgrade your ecosystem to give you a competitive edge with enough time to spare before third-party cookies are gone for good. 

Contact us to learn how a Fabrick Impact Assessment can reveal the true impact of ID deprecation on your business. 


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