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June 4th, 2015

The risk of relying on phone lists to verify customers

Over the past few weeks I've talked about the limitations of relying on phone lists to identify approved callers, as well as high-risk ones. While whitelists and blacklists are built to recognize telephone numbers you can trust and those that have been previously used to perpetrate criminal activity, they’re both reactive and non-predictive solutions that are difficult to maintain and manage. In the end, they provide a challenge for contact centers to effectively authenticate inbound calls. To quickly and accurately identify each call coming into your telephone channel, you need a real-time solution that doesn't rely on past performance or assumed trustability. In today’s ever-changing fraud landscape, good identities are stolen every three seconds, and their phone numbers are often used as part of the scam. In other words, a good number can go bad at any time, and a number that doesn’t appear on a blacklist can actually pose a risk to your call center operations. Truth be told, call centers using or sharing blacklists to block known bad calls, or a whitelist to accept good calls faster, are relying on data that can change from one moment to the next. Instead of relying on potentially outdated information to identify customers, contact centers need a tool that can instantly and invisibly provide actionable data to make prompt, accurate decisions around caller authentication. With the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution, you aren’t relying on outdated or inaccurate lists to determine whether a call can or cannot be trusted. Using advanced telephone network forensics to identify in real-time the actual physical location of the calling device, TRUSTID instantly lets you know the level of risk of each inbound call while the phone is still ringing. Within seconds, this information is transferred to you so can then automatically block spoofed calls before they enter your system or proactively allow legitimate calls to be routed to a telephone agent. Without having to make investments in managing and maintaining lists that may only be as accurate as the last time they were updated, TRUSTID gives banks and other businesses a way to proactively screen and decision every inbound call in real-time. As a result of removing high-risk or spoofed calls from the system and streamlining legitimate customers to your call center agents, you can reduce fraud rates and get to more calls faster to provide a better overall customer experience.

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