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February 18th, 2015

The New TV Measurement Metric: Business Impact

In Joanna O’Connell’s recent piece for AdExchanger Research, O’Connell outlines the “bloodless revolution” of how digital thinking—and, largely, digital-style measurement—is reshaping television advertising. One digital-style approach O’Connell advises marketers towards is performance-based TV measurement. “Look for opportunities to buy and measure TV advertising performance based on meaningful business outcomes–the norm in any good digital advertising campaign,” O’Connell writes. With the help of the right analytics, TV measurement can shift far beyond an analysis of viewers or eyeballs—and instead focus on measuring hard KPI’s like sales and revenue.


To be sure, marketers are going far beyond a simple TV version of “last-click attribution,” the (often misguided) digital measurement tactic which focuses on one touch point at a time. O’Connell quotes MarketShare COO Ivan Markman to describe how, instead, major marketers are analyzing TV impact in the context of their entire marketing programs:

“We see CMOs at leading marketers measuring how shifts in their TV budgets change their sales by understanding how TV works in a holistic fashion - by looking at the synergies of TV with other media and marketing levers such as price changes, or sponsorships. We’ve seen the incremental impact of optimizing TV this way, resulting in greater ROI and customer engagement.”

So, for instance, marketers could ask how Twitter combines with TV to drive sales (see examples here).

Ultimately, the goal of performance-based TV measurement is predictive guidance: for marketers and TV buyers to understand not just how TV investments have impacted the business, but how potential investments could drive results going forward. That’s an aspect of TV measurement—and all marketing measurement—that MarketShare focuses on intensely.

To point to just one example of such performance-based forecasting tools in the wild, one might look to the recently-launched TurnerIncite. Turner Incite is a planning and forecasting tool that projects the sales lift that brands can achieve through advertising across Turner Broadcasting, offered by Turner Broadcasting Ad Sales and powered by MarketShare DecisionCloud. Rather than focusing on GRPs or engagement metrics, Turner Incite provides guidance based on precisely calculated projections of business outcomes. (Learn more about Turner Incite in AdExchanger and Broadcasting& Cable.)


To learn more about MarketShare’s offerings for TV and cross-channel measurement, visit our MarketShare Marketing Analytics page.


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