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April 27th, 2016

The Key to Digital Transformation in Marketing? A Strong Identity Layer.

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In organizations of all sizes and in all industries, marketing is undergoing a digital transformation. This shift was the hot topic of discussion at the Chief Digital Officer Global (CDX) Forum in New York last week. More than 150 digital leaders from around the country convened at the event to share best practices, speak on the value of influencers, and extoll the virtues of taking risks, and of being innovative and authentic.

Attendees of the event also walked away with practical tips for transforming their digital efforts into cross-channel programs to drive demand. One attendee in particular, Allstate Insurance, shared its key to success in these efforts: adding an identity layer to their marketing initiatives, enabling offline and online data to be combined and applied together. And as it so happens, this matchup of offline and online data is increasingly touted across industries as the building block of successful cross-channel marketing.

Allstate tackled this complex topic in an effort to reach the holy grail of marketing—delivering the right message to the right person, at the right time and through the right medium. This individualized, data-centric approach begins with a foundation layer of household identity, supplied through the company’s own CRM data. This information is supplemented with Neustar’s authoritative identity solutions, which allow Allstate to target, deliver, and measure campaigns across both online and offline channels.

In one example, Allstate shared that its marketing team started to use the identity layer to tie back online data to media exposure data in a closed loop. In doing so, they started to see some very interesting things—like adverse selection—as they had been targeting those that had a high likelihood to quote, but not a high likelihood to purchase. This meant that they were spending a lot of money on initial quotes, but not generating very much revenue based on sales. With the insights provided by the identity layer, Allstate is now able to go back and understand who was being targeted and which inventory sources they came from. And by drilling down to the placement level, they can adjust the media plan to target those most likely to convert and increase the ROI of the campaign.

Allstate also uses Neustar’s authoritative identity solution as a key to transforming website experiences. By adding the identity layer to their website, Allstate can now distinguish prospects from customers, even if they have never authenticated, allowing them to customize the website experience for each group. For prospects, this intelligence gives Allstate the power to place visitors into segments (suitable for digital retargeting, not likely to buy, or known to be responsive to direct mail) and add these segments to the cross-channel mix.

Whether in omnichannel marketing or personalized website experiences, Allstate is harnessing the power of authoritative identity. By reconciling multiple touchpoints into a single customer journey, an authoritative identity layer provides a foundation for more granular insights, sharper targeting, and personalized experiences that start from a customer’s first website interaction.  

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