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April 20th, 2016

The business value of customer interactions

When it comes to your annual profits, you want to make every dollar count. Any part of your operations that touches your customers can impact your overall earnings. This is where your contact center plays a bigger role to your business than you may think. Many businesses generally look at their call center as a necessary means to resolve customer complaints. In other words, it's an expense, not a revenue generator. But customer service is much more than that. A survey by Kissmetrics, a marketing and web analytics group, shows just how important good customer interactions are to a brand reputation and bottom line. In the recent article, “3 Types of Call Center Agent Applicants You Shouldn’t Hire,” the level of customer service your telephone reps provide can directly impact your business profits, and losses. The survey found that positive service interaction scores high in areas of reputation, customer satisfaction and retention, and even more revenues. Some of the key findings include:
  • 75% of customers are very likely to speak positively about the company
  • 81% of customers are more likely to give repeat business
  • 46% of customers are willing to spend up to 46% more on your product or service
  • An 8% increase in customer satisfaction increases profits of up to 28%
Your contact center agents are on the front lines of your business. They talk to your customers every day. They understand their needs better than most people in your company. Whether they’re resolving problems or guiding customers through essential business functions or processes, each interaction goes a long ways. When your phone reps aren’t providing value or building trust with your customers, it can have an adverse affect on your business. The study’s respondents said they would end their business relationship with a company that could not build trust with them. And, with a measly 10 percent of companies having an excellent customer service rating, investing in call center agents and other technologies that help boost customer satisfaction can become a competitive differentiator. Along with hiring highly skilled workers and providing the proper training your agents need to deliver memorable customer service is the need to invest in the tools and technology that drive your call center operations. Making sure your agents have the knowledge to access information when they need to is critical, and so are the methods in which you identify inbound calls. Making sure your authentication process does not interrupt your customers’ telephone experience can be the difference between a positive interaction or a damaging one. By providing instant caller verification while the phone is still ringing, the TRUSTID® Physical Caller Authentication solution helps businesses connect customers with your telephone agents faster, and is more predictive than conventional knowledge-based authentication (KBA) methods. Plus, customers aren’t put through lengthy identity interrogations that cost call centers more money and create barriers between them and their customers. This is why having the right pieces in place to interact with your customers is so valuable to your business success.

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