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August 22nd, 2013

SMS Marketing Campaigns – The Benefits of Dedicated Codes

SMS campaigns are a key component of today’s successful mobile marketing strategies.  Because 90 percent of American adults own a cell phone and 80 percent of adult cell phone users engage in texting, SMS text campaigns are ideal for customer engagement.  Through these campaigns, businesses can provide an instant two-way dialog to support a wide range of promotions and customer service programs.

While many campaigns include outgoing text messages, SMS campaigns are powered by common short codes   But, not all codes are created equal. As a new whitepaper by Neustar reveals, dedicated SMS short codes provide more value than shared codes, offering stronger branding, security and operational control.

How Marketers Are Using Dedicated Common Short Codes

Using dedicated common short codes, companies are building CRM programs with a wide range of SMS texting tactics:

  • Retailers offer customers instant access to discounts, offers and sales information
  • Financial services companies provide customers with immediate access to account information, alerts and notifications
  • Media and advertising companies support promotional campaigns with incentives, coupons and contests
  • Healthcare providers and pharmacies support customer engagement and improve ROI using appointment and prescription refill reminders

Whether you are using SMS marketing to build customer relationships through information sharing, education, incentives or notifications, a dedicated SMS code gives you greater control and flexibility versus a shared code. After all, you own the code and have total freedom in making best use of it.

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