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August 15th, 2019

When Selecting Your Message Routing Vendor, Expect the Unexpected

A few years ago my family decided to have some work done on our house, so we hired a contractor. We did our research, received multiple bids, and ended up selecting someone who was new to being a contractor, but that we felt was the most cost efficient.

Big mistake. We came across all sorts of unexpected issues that our “cheap” contractor had trouble managing: he had a difficult time obtaining the correct permits, one of his key workers went on vacation in the middle of our project, and there were various quality issues with the work that he didn’t catch. This led to delays, unbudgeted additional expenses and heightened stress levels for my family.

Years later, we decided to brave the home improvement process again. Yet this time around we knew to choose a contractor who was experienced and met the criteria that was important to us, even if it cost a little more. In our previous experience, what we thought of as “cutting costs” on the initial contract cost us more in the end. I am pleased to say that we made a great choice and had a positive experience.

The biggest difference between the two vendors was not the services offered, but the expertise and reliability of the contractor who had the necessary experience and processes to manage the unexpected.

The purpose of this blog is not to recommend our contractor, but rather to highlight the importance of being equipped with the right evaluation criteria when choosing a vendor.

When selecting a vendor for message routing, it can be tempting to simply choose one that is the least expensive. However, you need a business partner whose strategic focus, expertise and resources are aligned with your needs.

A messaging resolution service directly impacts your customers, your staff, and ultimately – your bottom line.

We’ve put together 12 questions you should be considering when selecting your message routing vendor. They include:

  • What if I have questions or problems with routing? Is your vendor staffed to respond to the inevitable unexpected?
  • How does your vendor source its data?
  • What is the impact of misrouting my largest client’s messages?


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