November 9th, 2021

Seeing the Big Picture in Big Data

When marketers look to better understand and improve the customer experience, they turn to Neustar for its unique data modeling tools. But it took big data scientists and software engineers like Tanvi to help develop these solutions, which analyze distinct sets of data to provide insight into the customer decision-making process and help organizations reach, connect with, and support their customers.

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Developing a Love for Problem-solving

Working out of Neustar’s Hyderabad office in India, Tanvi has always had a passion for architecting technical solutions and a need to understand the larger goal of whatever it is she is working on.

“What motivates me is the teamwork and collaboration we have and the larger picture at Neustar,” she says. “Everybody in management and above always gives you that. In other companies or in previous work I’ve done, I’ve never had the 'big picture' of what I do and where I can go. Here, everyone knows what’s happening across the company and why, where they fit in, and what their professional growth can look like.”

Tanvi started her career as an engineer at a Bangalore-based information technology company and quickly learned she liked seeing how her behind-the-scenes work made a direct impact on customers. That kept her motivated to solve more problems — and got her more interested in the world of big data. So, when it came time to make her next career move, Tanvi sought a place where she could contribute to the big picture for big brands and design next-level solutions.

“I knew that Neustar was working on a lot of cutting-edge technologies, so I saw a very hopeful future for my career,” she says.

Discovering a World of Opportunity

In her early days with Neustar, Tanvi focused on engineering and technical work like coding and product support, integrating technology from legacy products that came with an acquisition and later transitioning to work on Neustar product lines like OneID.

Now a manager who oversees a team of five at Neustar, Tanvi says she enjoys the daily interaction with her global colleagues and the opportunity to contribute to big brands’ success. Her work on identity solutions involves consolidating, repairing, and streamlining data to deliver more relevant, transparent, and seamless experiences for customers. Through data analytics and modeling software, Tanvi and her team are building solutions that help marketers understand what ads to serve — and to who and when to serve them — ultimately helping companies prepare for a cookie-free world.

Having been recently promoted to manager, Tanvi says she is feeling inspired, motivated, and grateful for the recognition: “I've never asked for a promotion, I just got promoted because of the quality of the work that I did. That's something I appreciate. I feel valued and respected. It's not easy to stand out from the crowd when there are so many talented people around you.”

Finding the Right Balance

With work that requires intense focus, managing staff, and interacting with teams across multiple time zones, juggling a family life would seem daunting. But Tanvi says Neustar’s forward-thinking approach to integrating work with other priorities has made it easy. “When I had my second child while at Neustar, I had amazing flexible hours and so much support from the team to take calls or work at odd hours to get the job done,” says Tanvi, who is also active in her community, volunteering for an NGO to mentor youth in Hyderabad’s urban neighborhoods.

Tanvi says she’s been encouraged to see opportunities to advance in her career while still having the flexibility to manage her family life. “I’ve been inspired to see that it is possible to have a goal-oriented career while maintaining stability at home. It’s a growth pattern you can have at Neustar — and one not always available in other companies.”

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